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5 Interesting Facts about Ghana:

  1. Ghana has a space program; it launched a satellite, GhanaSat-1. and was successfully developed by students at the All Nations University, based in Koforidua. They sent it into orbit from the International Space Station, in 2017.
  2. Ghana thrives in the world of cocoa production. It is the main agricultural export of the country. They are second only to the Ivory Coast, which also makes them the second-largest cocoa exporter on the planet. 
  3. Lake Volta, found in the Volta Region of Ghana is known as the world’s biggest man-made lake. It is an impressive 250 miles long and covers no fewer than 3,283 square miles – this is a total of 3.6% of Ghana’s entire country! 
  4. The word Ghana has meaning. In the Senegalese’s Soninke language, it means “Warrior King”. 
  5. When it comes to food, you might well come across the traditional salad s served in Ghana. It regularly consists of well-recognised ingredients in salads such as lettuce, tomato, onion, boiled eggs and tuna. However, one item that might surprise a few people is the unexpected inclusion of baked beans!