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5 Interesting Facts about Malawi :

  1. It means ‘fire flames’. The country takes its name from the reflection of the rising sun on the waters of the vast Lake Malawi.
  2. Malawi has two UNESCO World Heritage sites – Lake Malawi National Park, which was first listed in 1984, and the Chongoni Rock Art Area, which was listed in 2006. The Chongoni Rock Art Area consists of 127 sites that feature the richest collection of rock art in Central Africa
  3. Malawi is the fourth poorest country in Africa and over 40% of the population live on less than $1 a day. It has one of the highest rates of Aids orphans in Africa.
  4. There are between 500 and 1,000 fish species, and it is home to a vast array of Cichlids, virtually all of which are endemic to the lake. These Cichlids are globally popular as aquarium fish, because of their bright colours.
  5. In Malawi less than 10% of girls earn a high school diploma. Approximately 20% of school aged girls are prevented from continuing their due to lack of menstrual health education and access to menstrual pads.