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5 Interesting Facts about Kenya :

  1. Did you know that Jambo is the most widely-used greeting? If you are greeting the locals when you are in Kenya, simply say Jambo! as this is the closest translation to hi/hello in the English language. 
  2. If you are travelling from the UK to Kenya, it might be a welcome surprise to know that cars are driven on the left-handed side of the road, just like at home, so it won’t be as confusing for you!  
  3. enya boasts no fewer than 536KM of coastline. You might not think of Kenya straight away when you think of glamorous beach destinations, but Kenya has some truly incredible coastline that features beautiful white sand and enticing turquoise waters. 
  4. Agriculture is a vital part of Kenya’s economy. This is an industry that the majority of locals work in. Coffee is recognised as one of the most valued exports in the country, while flowers and tea are also important products too. 
  5. In Kenya, education is free. At the primary education level (8-14) it is also compulsory. Secondary school-level education is also free, but students don’t have to attend school once they get to this age (14) as it’s not mandatory.