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5 Interesting Facts about Senegal :

  1. Senegal in West Africa has long been considered one of the region’s model democracies, boasting a history of stable government and civilian rule.
  2. Senegal was of great interest to European powers. The Portuguese, British, French and Dutch all contended for control of the region due to its strategic location for trading slaves and goods.
  3.  In total, Senegal has seven UNESCO World Heritage Sites. In Africa, only South Africa (10), Ethiopia, Morocco (9) and Tunisia (8) have more.
  4. In 1960, Senegal gained independence as part of the Mali Federation – an alliance linking Senegal and the Sudanese Republic (previously French Sudan)
  5. Some drivers in Senegal attach horse, sheep or cattle hair to their taxis for good luck. Blessed by religious leaders, these tails are believed to provide good fortune.